When I was young I was reading a book about physics. The book had a white cover with green text. The information in the book was partly that if you shoot an arrow from the back a train then that will be an example of a relative motion. In particular I am certain that the book mentioned a poem which was in style

If I could dye me whyskers green so that they could not be seen ..

Is there any way for me to get more information about the memory I have?


This question would be best asked at literature, their help centre says they accept

Story and quote identification questions

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Different communities have different rules on, so-called, identification questions. Some have specific tags and guidance for them, and some prohibit them explicitly.

In this case, it is a special type of identification: reference identification.

As per this discussion on Physics SE Meta, such a question might be on-topic on Physics SE with the tag "specific-reference". My own judgment would be: the more the book you are looking for corresponds to a specialized physics reference, the more the question is likely to be well-received. This paragraph strictly talks about books on physics.

In general, for book/reference identification, consult the guidance of the thematic community, check relevant tags ("resource recommendation", "reference-request", etc), and check for the existing questions of such kind. Such questions might be on-topic. Otherwise, a question on Literature SE might be a viable choice as per @Mart Kirby's answer.

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