I found a minor bug, and after a search here on Meta.SE, I discovered that it had been reported all the way back in 2013. To draw a bit of attention to it, I then added a bounty to the post.

The past hadn't been edited in a while, so the license was CC-by-SA 3.0 (and that was confirmed in the timeline of the post). However, went I went to share the link, the share popout told me that it had a license of 4.0. Apparently, my bounty had caused the license to update - which shouldn't happen, since I didn't edit the text in any way. (I have since edited the post, but there are screenshots below.)

On Meta a bug I did find
That no-one had paid any mind
I then took a step
And gave up some rep
For a bug I had found - the same kind

Then, when I went on to "share"
The popup appeared with a flair
With a license CC
That I plainly could see
Should never have really been there.

For the post was historic and old
On the timeline, "3.0" showed there bold
But the share told me four
To the bounty eyes tore
And the truth so at last had been told.

Share button showing a 4.0 license

My bounty, to show this bug's plight
Has updated the licensing right
Now this should not be
'Tis plain, we can see —
The content has not changed in sight

The post timeline, showing a 4.0 CC license at the top but no revisions with a 4.0 license

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    Why do you want to make a poem? Jun 17, 2020 at 12:52
  • 8
    @CulverKwan - it's a nod to Yaakov Ellis's recent haiku answers. :)
    – Mithical
    Jun 17, 2020 at 12:54
  • 4
    @Mithical now would be a great time to add that to the meme repository, if it hasnt already.
    – Luuklag
    Jun 17, 2020 at 12:55
  • @Luuklag it's time to add to / the meme repository / unless it's in there
    – VLAZ
    Jun 17, 2020 at 14:37
  • @VLAZ there is this one, but not sure: meta.stackexchange.com/posts/32877
    – Luuklag
    Jun 17, 2020 at 14:56
  • 1
    @Luuklag the page is not found / I get an error message / this is a haiku
    – VLAZ
    Jun 17, 2020 at 15:57
  • 1
    meta.stackexchange.com/a/32877/361484 @VLAZ
    – Luuklag
    Jun 17, 2020 at 16:00
  • 16
    This task I now assume, I will make my incursion. When the dust has settled, this post will show the proper version. Jun 17, 2020 at 16:11

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The issue is fixed. It was happening due to a logic error in calculating the license for specific posts (which due to their details were not caught in the initial backfill).

To honor this occasion and the author of the post above, I offer this Sonnet in Shakespearean form.

A user thought to pay a just reward,

by adding bounty payment on a post,

and after setting what they could afford,

they clicked start and sent it on to the host.

Now off to share the link with Tavern crowd,

did Mithical set out at once with glee,

and what they saw made them stop feeling proud,

'cause printed there was four instead of three.

Quick on to Meta to report the case,

came our brave hero armed with prose and rhyme,

and when I saw it — turned red in my face,

seeking to repro' and fix in no time.

I now announce the squashing of the bug,

it's now forgotten — swept under the rug.

  • 2
    Very nice job. :D
    – Mithical
    Jun 18, 2020 at 12:26
  • May the effort that this took be less than or equal to the joy you experience from sharing it Jun 18, 2020 at 21:35

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