This post is a spin-off of "New round of UI updates... apparently".

Recently we got new, differently styled tooltips, for all buttons displayed to the left of questions/answers (upvote, downvote, add to favorites, etc). It's the same tooltip style that was used for the follow button.

buttons screenshot

I propose following changes:

  1. Use consistent visual style for the tooltips.

    Currently edit, close, and other buttons displayed below posts use native tooltips, whereas follow and all buttons to the left of the questions/answers use the new custom tooltips, and the cite button (on sites where it appears) has no tooltip.


    tooltip style comparsion

    I suggest using a same style for all those tooltips.

  1. Use consistent capitalization and punctuation.

    Messages in all the new tooltips start with a capital letter, and have a trailing period, except for Accept answer and follow, which don't have a trailing .. Most of the old tooltips, on the other hand, are fully lowercase, and don't have a trailing ., except for add a comment.

    I suggest tweaking the messages to make them more consistent.

Also see: Please add a delay to the hover tooltips

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    Also, it would be more sensible if they used consistent markup, currently some are <a> elements and some are <button> elements. – Bergi Jun 19 at 18:37
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    I'd also note that using pseudo-tooltips, rather than normal title based tooltips present additional accessibility issues. While I haven't explored these pseudo-tooltips from an accessibility POV, I'd expect there to be significant problems. It's nearly certain that they won't be handled in the same way as would be expected for a normal tooltip. – Makyen Jun 24 at 4:29

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