Yesterday, there were new voting tool-tips added:

I came across this today:


I can't upvote my own answer, so can the tooltip not say this?

Maybe it can show:

  • your post has a score of x

Poem for Mithical's contest:

I recently came across a post

And I said to myself holy ghost

It's mine, that's Daniil

But then I stood still

Why vote for myself? I never boast

  • 10
    This is consistent with how the text was before - it still instructed you how to vote. It's also referenced a lot - people asking "Why was my post downvoted" are frequently instructed to look at the description of the downvote button by hovering. Perhaps the action instruction ("Downvote..."/"Upvote...") can be omitted but the qualification should stay. In fact, might need to be more prominent as voting is quite misunderstood in general.
    – VLAZ
    Jun 18, 2020 at 9:38


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