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Possible race condition with migration

This question has been asked on SO : what language is Stackoverflow coded in? (id=2030983)

It's been migrated to meta, as this question (id=34961) (when following the "migrated" link on SO ) -- of course, this one has now been closed as a duplicate.

But, on SO, there is was also another question (id=34963, now redacted) -- which seems to also be marked as "migrated from SO" ?

Now, what's funny :

  • the two questions are the same
  • theirs id are real close : 34961 and 34963
  • they both have to comment I initially posted on SO (which seems to indicate both questions come from SO)
  • It seems the question from SO has been migrated twice ?

I suspect this is related to the six close votes race condition.

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  • hoho, I didn't even notice there were 6 "close" votes on the SO question ^^ – Pascal MARTIN Jan 8 '10 at 22:09

I suspect Greg has the truth of it; to tidy up, I've merged 34963 into 34961 (since the "migrated" link in the original question on SO referenced 34961).

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