Here is a weird thing, I simply can't change my account's password.

  • Go to your profile
  • Select Edit Profile & Settings tab
  • In the left side sub menu select My Logins
  • In the page select change password option
  • Then enter the new password to update your password.

At the profile page, "My Logins" section, when I click on "change password", it redirects me to the main site.

No error, no warning.

I can use "I forgot my password" to reset it but what's the problem here? Why is it not working?

I tried to change the password from different sites on the network but found the same result on all of them.

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    Looks like the option to change password from within that page is broken for a long time, it used to give error when trying, now it just do nothing which is even worse. – Shadow Wizard Wearing Mask Jun 27 at 8:14
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    Related: Can't change password. It never worked for me, I had to reset my password evey time. – ahmedus Jun 27 at 17:12

Go to this site: https://openid.stackexchange.com/, and login to the account you want to change the password on. At the top, you will see a "Change Password" button. Click and change.

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