Have you guys gotten a job from Stack Overflow careers?

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Below is my success story.

I was part of a mass layoff around Thanksgiving. That means another job search. So, I published my CV on SO Careers.

In just one week, I received a message from an employer saying that they would like to interview me. So, I scheduled an interview.

Later that week, one of my recruiters called me about the same position. Can it really take that long to get a recruiter on board? I think that this really exemplifies one of the huge benefits of SO Careers: the power is given back to the primary parties involved! Individuals have a space where they can show themselves in a much more interesting and useful way. Employers are given the power to find these people directly and on their own schedule. There is no middle-man to clog up the works.

This same employer made me an offer 30 minutes after I left the interview. I am employed again! Thanks for making this wonderful site.

~Sean Massa

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    That makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside... I think. – Nick Bolton Jan 12 '10 at 8:25

Not specifically from Careers (I haven't posted my CV, yet), but StackOverflow has very much been a factor in companies considering me for a position.

It's a bit freaky the first time when some random programmer suddenly realizes they "know you" from your presence on Stack Overflow.

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    freaky indeed ... i'd like to have the experience though :D – harshath.jr Jan 9 '10 at 20:02
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    +1 Ditto, in fact being recognised for anything on the internet is truly an achievement. – Nick Bolton Jan 12 '10 at 8:27

I wrote about my success story on my blog, but I didn't go into explicit detail about how Stack Overflow Careers (and ultimately Stack Overflow) helped.

Let's step back, to the year 2007, about a year before Stack Overflow went live. We had an amalgamation of blogs and MSDN, but there was no place that programmers could call home. No definitive place to find answers to questions, only forums with half-vetted solutions. It was a dark time.

Since I wasn't in a job where there were like-minded developers, there wasn't anywhere for me to figure out what to read, or who to follow.

I had been following Joel's blog since 2000, and Jeff's since 2007, so when they announced that Stack Overflow had 'gone public', I joined as soon as I could.

Over the last two years, I've found an immeasurable amount of useful information on every topic I've dealt with in programming. Stack Overflow has come to be my first reference when dealing with a software issue. I've spent a lot of time asking questions, answering questions, and editing other questions so that every Internet searcher can have the same experience I've had with Stack Overflow.

Stack Overflow careers has become an extension of Stack Overflow's success. Since it's attached to a community that has some of the best programmers alive, it's easy for businesses to latch onto it to find great talent. The corollary is also true: companies that programmers want to work for are on Stack Overflow Careers.

Fast forward to this year. I had just moved up to the Northern Virginia area and was working for a government contractor. Nothing against the company, but government contracting (by and large) is soul-sucking. Lots of process, no chance to make the software better, and every eye is on cost. No budget for making the programmers better, and each programmer is treated like a cog in a machine. As I said, soul-sucking.

I had been looking at the Stack Overflow Careers board on and off for about 6 months when I found The Motley Fool, a company that seemed like a perfect fit. After taking their online assessment test, having a phone interview with them, and spending an entire day on-site interviewing, I knew I had found my home.

Without Stack Overflow, I wouldn't have the knowledge I have today that would allow me to successfully interview, and without Stack Overflow Careers, I'd still be in a job I hated.

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    "About a year before Stack Overflow went live" -- I think you mean "Six to eight weeks before Stack Overflow went live" – Adam Tuttle Jan 20 '15 at 18:28

Well, there is one success story on the careers homepage already:

This is where Stack Overflow Careers has succeeded for me; a smaller company with great working conditions was able to find me and provide me all of the opportunities that I was looking for. When I interviewed, my future employer already had a sense of who I was based upon the questions and answers on my Stack Overflow profile, and those gave us things to discuss during the interview.

Jon Erickson, Seattle

There are a few others as well, I'll ask the relevant parties to post here..

  • That would be good, especially for those of us who are still waiting for the first employer view of their CV :). – Timo Geusch Jan 10 '10 at 20:35
  • Consider showing more (rotating) success stories right on Careers homepage? Also from employers' perspective, if possible. Would be more convincing than just having this one statically there, eh? – Jonik May 2 '10 at 1:11

In relation to Robert's story, I actually got my current job through SO, but back before SO Careers existed. (So, it pays to buff up your SO profile with good answers!)

I was one of the first beta testers on SO, as was Mike Stone. Mike went to become one of the top SO users for a couple of months (at least until the big disagreement over question closing), so, he and I kind of knew each other through SO that way.

Anyway, Mike came on the Stack Overflow IRC channel one day to get second opinions about a candidate he was interviewing that day. So, during that conversation, I mentioned the fact that I was looking for a job, and I suppose the rest is history. :-P

Not quite a SO Careers success story per se, but still a SO career success story. :-)

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    definitely a SO career success story! and Mike Stone was right... – Jeff Atwood Jan 25 '10 at 1:14

I posted my CV on SO a few months ago and I've had great success. Being a fifth year university student and facing a terrible post-graduation job market, I've been working on my job search for the last year. Contacting companies on my own and working with career services on campus yielded a few results, but nothing that serious. After posting my CV on stack overflow, I've received several serious inquiries and I just signed with a company who originally contacted me through Stack Overflow Careers. I truly believe that SO helped me set myself apart from other potential candidates and let me give more than just bullet points about myself. Without this, I doubt I would have gotten as good of a position as I now have for after my graduation. This has taken a huge load off my mind as I try to finish up my final studies. Thank you so much for your great site, if it wasn't for Stack Overflow Careers I may have ended up working on a cruise ship for hair metal fans... seriously.

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    excellent, glad it worked for you and thanks for sharing your story! – Jeff Atwood Mar 20 '10 at 8:33

I wasn't actively seeking programming positions, when I was contacted by a stellar employer on StackOverflow Careers. At each step in the hiring process I became more excited about the company and now love working here.


I haven't personally used SO to look for a job. But asking, answering and reading SO questions does make me more knowledgeable about my profession, which is very beneficial in my current job, and it would be helpful were I trying to find another job.


Another success story:


That push was the news that our department at (former employer) was in jeopardy of being outsourced. Great. So I put in a year of work, only to now have --zero-- chance for my promised "promotion". That was the last straw. Nevermind the fact I was working on software that --nobody-- cared about, not even the client. Nevermind I was doing more than I should have been. My job was going overseas. Time to act.

And I did. The day I found out about that (the morning, actually...) I had my updated resume in my Google Docs account ready to go. The feed for jobs.stackoverflow.com is in my reader, and I caught a listing from Mediafly. I filled out the form to the best of my abilities and linked to my Stack Overflow Careers public CV, and had an email back later that evening. The rest is history.

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    Hey, that's me ;-) – karlgrz May 6 '10 at 5:06

I was contacted by a quite cool London start up. I wasn't 100% sure if I really wanted to relocate, but the technology this startup was involved with was just what I liked. I got to the third round of their interviewing process (one coding test, two interviews). Even though in the end they could not give me an offer, the experience was exciting and interesting.


Jeff just posted a blog about some: http://blog.stackoverflow.com/2010/01/careers-success-stories/


I can tell my story.

In Italy there are not so much company trying to recruit new employees using Stack Overflow Careers so I try to send my CV to three or four of these companies using their profile pages on this site. I was lucky, two of them called me to interview and, in both cases, the interview went very well.

So, congratulation to the Stack Exchange team, the Stack Overflow Careers is a wonderful idea.