Fortunately, I can still login with this email address that I have lost access to. I have been searching around here for a way to update it to the current one I use. I have found many answers. But they all give instructions to click on something not displayed or in one case, a page that prompts me to login via another email I no longer have the password for.

I need current up to date instructions on how to change my email address or add another email-based login for this same user name that I am posting this with.


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To change your login email address, you first need to add a new login and then remove the previous one from the "remove" option (shown in the image below).

To add a new login, go to https://meta.stackexchange.com/users/mylogins/current and then select "add more logins...".

You can also reach this option by clicking "Edit Profile & Settings" at the top of your profile page and then selecting "My Logins" from the side.

enter image description here

After performing the above steps, you will see something like this: enter image description here

Here, you can link an already existing Google account or add a new email with a new password to the existing account.

Now you would be able to login with the new email and may remove the initial email as shown in the first image.

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