Yesterday I merged my stackoverflow and meta accounts and got 100 point bonuses on both sites. Today I merged my stackoverflow and serverfault accounts and did not get the 100 point bonus on stackoverflow. Is this how it is supposed to work? I did the merging (both times) from my stackoverflow account where I have nearly 800 reps.


The intent is to give you +100 on the site where you have 1 rep, if you have at least +200 on another site in the network.

That way you avoid the newbie 1 rep user designation, and can do things like vote, flag offensive, leave comments, and vote down -- because you now have 101 rep instead of 1.


You can only get the association bonus once per site, so since you had already linked your SO account with your Meta account and received your 100-point bonus on SO, you don't get it a second time.

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