I just noticed that Meta Stack Exchange posts tagged don't appear on the community bulletin on Stack Overflow in Japanese.

This doesn't appear to be an issue for any other site I've tested, including all of the other international sites; it seems to be specific to Japanese Stack Overflow only.

See these screenshots of the community bulletins on the Russian, Spanish, and Portuguese Stack Overflow sites, and the one on the Russian Language in Russian site. All of them do have the posts tagged linked. The Japanese Stack Overflow site, on the other hand, does not:

No Meta.SE featured posts

Why does the community bulletin on Stack Overflow in Japanese not have the Meta Stack Exchange featured posts linked? Was there a discussion over on their meta to remove those links? Or is this a bug?

Note: while this question is specific to one site, Stack Overflow in Japanese, the SE team has stated that English-language questions about international sites are to be asked here, as the respective site metas only accept posts in the site's language.


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There seems to be a history of setting "Let's turn off English articles" in the private beta era, since October 2014.

Community bulletinが表示されていない

Even at that time, we asked for "Do you want to display English articles?", but we have reached the present without gathering too many positive votes. It's been a while, so let's check the user's opinions on our site again.

Update: As of July 29, 2020, the sidebar on that site now includes Meta Stack Exchange questions.


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