I have seen some video of juggling on BBC by some mind reading and projecting the feeling of one body to another and some other tricks like inserting some thing inside a sealed Coke bottle (that I guess could be related to controlling the brain of the camera man and others in the juggling room).

So, I googled about telepathy and saw some video like this, that science is doing this by reading EEG signals and sending to other sensor as visual signal or audio signal; so if that telepathy and syncing the persons to other is real maybe they have some system behind this ability. Maybe something like this experience discussed in this ted talk video (claimed about the some capability in one schizophrenia patients) or said in this tedtalk video about how the ancient believed about creativeness in genius (some unknown connection system !!) and somethings like this, which is said it would be so hard by quantum entitlement to do it !

So I tried to read about the jugglery telepathy psychology term in Google Scholar to find some paper to read the scientific hypothesis behind that, but did not find anything (maybe because I don't know the proper tags, or not spending more time on search).

So I would like to ask on one SE site about the science hypothesis that could make possible telepathy and syncing the persons together by sense and do the same works at one time


Maybe it's more related to psychology or physics SE Site!

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    As a word of advice, I would encourage you to take a hint of a lack of references in quality sources as a hint of the lack of any scientific basis behind this (and many other) supernatural phenomena. – Anton Menshov Jul 18 at 0:43
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    No, it's definitely not appropriate on psychology or physics. If you want to know why, take @Murenik's advice and ask a well-posed question about it on Skeptics. – Dan Bron Jul 18 at 14:27
  • 'woo.com', presumably:) – Martin James Jul 18 at 18:00

Skeptics sounds like a reasonable place to ask, although you may not like the answers you'll get there.

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    Worth mentioning is that Skeptics requires a "notable claim". Find someone that says these things are 'real' and not an illusion, and challenge that claim. – M.A.R. Jul 18 at 8:53
  • Freud ans some others opened this topic and ... described here, Do them enough to be considered as unknown phenomena that we have not scientific rules that have it could happened? – Soheil Paper Jul 18 at 19:01

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