Until earlier today, Stack Overflow had quite a collection of [tableau] questions, a large number of which were off-topic there. Now the tag has been renamed to [tableau-api] to emphasize that only programming questions about Tableau belong on Stack Overflow:

Questions about using Tableau are off-topic here. It is a data visualization tool, and unrelated to programming.

Where should these sorts of non-programming Tableau questions (one example: "Changing the X axis header title") be posted?


I think the answer is Data Science.SE, which has 100 posts containing "tableau" and a [tableau] tag with 31 questions. Additionally, a post on that site's meta concludes that visualization (what Tableau does) is an integral part of data science.

Other places I looked, but don't seem correct:

  • WebApps.SE has no positively voted Tableau questions.
  • Stats.SE has a few questions involving tableau, but it's mostly incidental to the question in almost all of them.
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