When reviewing Reopen Votes, there are two ways to edit the question: the 'Edit and Reopen' button at the top right, and the 'Improve this question' button in the post notice:

Reopen Votes review queue item

When choosing 'Edit and Reopen', you get the opportunity to edit the question in the review queue and upon submitting the edit, it will cast a reopen vote:

Editing a question from the Reopen Votes review queue

However, clicking 'Improve this question' will make you leave the queue, submitting the edit (or clicking Cancel) will take you back to the Q&A page and you still have to review the question again.

Regular edit question page

Can the behaviour of the 'Improve this question' button be changed so that it matches the 'Edit and Reopen' button? Or alternatively, hide it in the review queue?

  • Hi Glorfindel, I'll look into correcting this. Is this an issue occurring in the Close Votes queues as well? – Lisa Park Jul 28 at 20:44
  • 1
    Thanks @LisaPark! It's only an issue in the Reopen Votes queue. – Glorfindel Jul 28 at 21:07

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