Often I want to be recommended some websites (possibly outside of Stack Exchange) to achieve my goal. They can be about PCs, cars, cooking or anything. Is there a Stack Exchange site that deals with such questions?

For instance, I want to record bird sounds. Is there a helpful website, possibly outside of Stack Exchange?


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There's no "website recommendations" Stack Exchange site. In general, recommendations are out of scope for SE, though there are sites for hardware and software recommendations.


This is not exactly what you asked for but there are some sites on the network that cover the categories you mentioned. Two of them are already referred to in Journeyman's answer:

You can use those sites to find the information that you would otherwise be seeking on the sites that would be recommended to you.


Besides @AhmedAbdelhameed's answer I believe it's notable that tag-wikis of bigger site tags are a good place to look for Stack Exchange external links.

Some examples:

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