I'm looking at a suggested edit to the title of How can I get exposure to mandarin usage and pronounciation? at Chinese.SE:

How can I get exposure to mandarin usage and pronounciation?How can I get exposure to Mandarin usage and pronunciation?

I almost rejected it, thinking it would change the title to the following:

How can I get exposure to usage and ?How can I get exposure to Mandarin usage and pronunciation?

Realistically the edit should be indicated by something more natural, like:

How can I get exposure to mandarin Mandarin usage and pronounciation? pronunciation?

I don't know if this is just limited to this single question.

Question: Why is this suggested edit of a question title displaying peculiarly?

I'm on Mozilla Firefox for Linux Mint 78.0.2 (64-bit) now updated to 79.0 (64-bit). I turned off my StackApps scripts via Tampermonkey (in particular Review Stalker Reloaded), but it didn't change anything. I'm using the XX-net proxy to get around the great firewall in China; it won't load otherwise.

A very similar already approved edit (also by Glorfindel) looks fine:

enter image description here

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    Interesting. No idea off-hand, but I see the diff the way you're suggesting: i.stack.imgur.com/Jtr3w.png – Adam Lear Jul 31 at 6:12
  • Also no repro in Firefox Nightly 81.0a1. There are no buttons for “Markdown view” and “Rendered view” or something, are there? – user289905 Jul 31 at 6:23
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    sigh did I break things again? – Glorfindel Jul 31 at 6:48
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    That suggestion renders correctly for me. FF 78.0.2 x64 Win10. – Mast Jul 31 at 6:54
  • Would it show-up like on your screen, I'd have my doubts about the edit too. – Mast Jul 31 at 6:55
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    @user289905 There should be, this is how Suggested Edits reviews look for me on Code Review. At least a 'Rendered output' and 'Markdown' option should be available, but perhaps those aren't included in title-only edits or went missing for another reason... – Mast Jul 31 at 6:59
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    “looks fine” — I’ve never seen the title being split into two columns, and it doesn’t show like this for me. Are you sure that’s not an extension or user-script? – user289905 Jul 31 at 7:14
  • I have some Tampermonkey scripts, but nothing changes even if I switch Tampermonkey off entirely. – Rebecca J. Stones Jul 31 at 7:22

Oh, sorry everyone. It is a script after all: The Stack Overflow Unofficial Patch (SOUP). I had it installed as an add-on (so it was unaffected by turning Tampermonkey off), and I didn't even realize it was there.

Turning it off makes everything look appropriate:

enter image description here

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