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If you look at https://stackoverflow.com/users/231181?tab=preferences#sort-top you will see my interesting tags.

You notice that I started with Delphi-2010 and sometime later on decided to add Delphi too.

If I now should add Delphi-2009 it would appear at the end. Although in practice I would like to select them the most (even Delphi and Delphi-2009 and Delphi-2010, but that's another topic, I know).

Is it possible somehow to sort those tags. Or even better, re-arrange those tags so that I can put the most interesting ones at the top?

UPDATE: I did search for an aleady existing question regarding this subject, but found none (I clearly used the wrong search words).

However, having read those others, I have a suggestion for the developers: clearly you are now keeping a list of selected tags in a table. If you add one integer field to this table, and give us a 'upvote' link (like you have now in front of a comment), we could very easily alter the order of tags (if you would show them according to this new field).

Thanks for the wonderful product, though. It really is appreciated by other developers like myself.

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