It would be useful, and probably easy to implement, to have a search filter UI for questions or answers posted recently, for example:

  • past 24 hours
  • past 7 days
  • past 30 days
  • past 12 months
  • any time

Especially when sorting by "most votes". This would be more user-friendly than advanced search options like created:1d...

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This already exists as an advanced search operator; e.g. searching for created:1d.. gives all posts from the last 24 hours.


You can use specific dates or date ranges to narrow results down to posts created or active within a certain time period, using the following operators:

  • created: to specify when the posts were created
  • lastactive: for posts active in a specified time period

Relative dates in a range (1y..) look back to the same date in the previous period - e.g., if you want to see all the posts active in the last three months, use lastactive:3m.. On April 15, that will show posts from January 15 up to the most recently active.

  • Yes, I realized that and edited my question. It would be more user-friendly to make this part of the search filter UI. Especially, the difference between 1m and 1m.. is really unintuitive.
    – nwellnhof
    Aug 2, 2020 at 19:13

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