When voting to close (or in such cases migrate) a question:

Community specific What site does this question belong on?

  • expatriates.meta.stackexchange.com

Here one site is given, but I would like to suggest

  • law.stackexchange.com

but there isn't any way to add this suggestion to the migration list.

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    I see you have a reasonable rep on Law.se so I assume you're familiar with the scope of Law.se. In general users suggest to migrate to site X while they have no account let alone knowledge of the scope of site X. Rejected migrations are a terrible waste of effort. Simply asking an OP to delete and re-post is more effective because they are the ones that can truly assess if their post is a good fit on site X. – rene Aug 6 at 13:09
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    Related question but not a dupe target When should we consider adding a default migration path? – ColleenV Aug 6 at 13:52
  • @yagmoth555 No, not really. It only shows that the problem has existed for 9 years and as not been resolved. The present option, will in 99% of the needed cases, not be appropriate and therefore useless. Suggestions where it belongs, notifying an admin and adding a comment in one step would be more practical. – Mark Johnson Aug 6 at 13:58
  • @rebe In this case the opposite is true. – Mark Johnson Aug 6 at 14:02
  • Unfortunately experience is shown that most non-moderators, given the opportunity will attempt to migrate questions that are off-topic on the target site. – Robert Longson Aug 7 at 17:57
  • @RobertLongson This, unfortunately, leads the question to be closed (and thus 'forgotten'). Giving non moderators the opportunity to suggest where it should be placed with an alert to a Moderator and a comment in one step, would avoid this problem. – Mark Johnson Aug 7 at 18:06
  • Too few moderators, or too many of us for that to be viable I'm afraid. – Robert Longson Aug 7 at 18:14

The community migration list (i.e. the list of sites where question can be migrated without moderator assistance) only contains a small handful of sites of common migration points for that site. To add a site there, you need to post on the sites Meta and get community consensus. Generally sites are only added there if the migration route from site A to B is very popular.

A moderator can migrate to any site in the network:

enter image description here

So, what you want to do is close with a custom comment, along the lines of:

This belongs on site x because...

Then you can flag for moderator intervention and the moderator will hopefully migrate it to the other site.

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  • If a non moderator could use that dialog, then a Moderator could be notified and a comment added in one step. For a non moderator the dialogue as it is now, is practically useless. – Mark Johnson Aug 6 at 14:07
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    @MarkJohnson I agree fully. Get rid of the migration options completely. – Martin James Aug 6 at 17:19

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