It appears that the recent UI change for the close vote review dialog introduced a bug when it concerns suggested dupes.

Reproducing in Firefox 78.0.1 (Mac OS). In this dialog there are two tabs, "Question" that shows the question to be closed, and "Duplicate" that shows the suggested duplicate. When the latter tab is active, the "Close" button produces no action though it is not disabled.

enter image description here

Only when on the "Question" tab can you successfully vote to close the question.

enter image description here

There seems to be an uncaught exception raised by JQuery, when called from review.en.js:

SyntaxError: Document.querySelectorAll: '.close-question-link[data-questionid=63380604]' is not a valid selector

Looks like the original question ID may be lost when switching to the "Duplicate" tab.

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    Reproduced on Chrome version 84.0.4147.125 (64 bit). Spam-clicking the Close button with the Duplicate tab selected yields the "You can only load the close dialog every (x) seconds." error message, which indicates that Stack Exchange thinks the close dialog was correctly opened, I suppose. – Spevacus Aug 12 at 15:55

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