Following Can we please get a /users/me URL? which was mainly looking for some URL, I have additional request and argument.

My argument is:

In Search, one can use user:me in order to search for something in their posts, so it makes sense to use the same keyword and have /users/me/ redirect to the user's profile page (just like /users/current does).

Just recently, I wanted to include a generic link to the profile page (and didn't know about /users/current) so the first thing that came to my mind was /me because the same keyword is used in Search. Once I found out that this doesn't work, I had to research on Meta until I found that /current was available. I still think that /me is more intuitive worth adding, at least for the sake of consistency.

So, is it feasible to enable /me to work in the same way as /current?

Note that I'm not asking for /me to replace /current. I'm proposing that they both work in the same way. If this gets implemented, users will still be able to use /users/current normally.

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    In my opinion, user/current is more intuitive than user/me. The currently logged in user clicks the link and is directed to their profile. Using user/me seems a bit confusing as when I write a link for someone else, I have to write me but the link is not for me, it is for who ever clicks it. I am not against this being implemented if people really want it but I don't think it is necessarily more intuitive. – Mark Kirby Aug 22 at 11:54
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    Does this answer your question? Can we get the ability to search for “user:current”? - While seemingly an opposite request it's a "duplicate" because "me" always means "me" and not "you" (even if you are reading what I (me) wrote) while "current" is transferrable in that the one using is the current user (and not necessarily me). – Rob Aug 22 at 13:32
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    Everyone who ever typed the /me command in IRC ... hands up ;-) – GhostCat Aug 22 at 15:45
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    Anyone who hasn't, get off my lawn. – Journeyman Geek Aug 22 at 16:13

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