I understand why the "top X%" reputation counter in the user profile changes - it displays what is currently one's best overall percentage over the most recently collected time periods.

However, in my case, the percentage that is currently displayed (top this year) is not what I wish to see - I am only interested in tracking top this week, or sometimes top this year.

Is it possible to over-ride the auto-selection process and choose, say, "% all-time" as the only % stat to display?

If not, is anyone looking for a feature request?

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    I believe the choice is made based on what gives you the highest "rank", for what it's worth. E.g. if you are top 1% this quarter, top 5% this year, and top 0.1% all time, then it would show the all time ranking. – TylerH Aug 27 at 17:53
  • Yes, I understand that but thank you for clarifying/confirming. My request, though, is to make this choice for myself. There are times I wish to see the week/month/year percentage and, as far as I can tell, there is no place to see this (without manually doing the calcs myself). Adding this as an option to one's Profile Settings would be a handy-dandy addition to Preferences, is all I'm saying... – cssyphus Aug 27 at 18:58

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