Can we see the total number of upvotes/downvotes we have casted, separately for the questions and answers?

Something like:

Hey, user! you have:

  • upvoted 423 Questions;
  • upvoted 3432 Answers;
  • downvoted 43 Questions;
  • downvoted 53 Answers.

For example, in the Votes tab, which is privately available for every user, users can see:

  1. how many votes they have casted in total (in the All sub-tab).
  2. how many posts they have upvoted in total (in the Upvote sub-tab);
  3. how many posts they have downvoted in total (in the Downvote sub-tab);

But what if I want to know How many Questions I have upvoted, or how many answers I have downvoted, in total?

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