When editing a profile’s “About me” section, or a tag wiki, and hitting CtrlG, or clicking the “Image” button from the formatting bar to insert an image, the Imgur upload modal dialog will appear. The same modal will also appear when uploading a profile picture. This is different from questions and answers where an uploader overlay bar (technically referred to as inline-dialog) appears.

This modal dialog has an × button for closing, but it does nothing when clicked. I also can’t try tabbing to it and hit Enter, because it’s a regular <div> with no tabindex attribute, so it’s not tabbable and not an interactive element. (After manually inserting a tabindex and pressing Enter, it also did nothing, of course.)

The close button is in the top-right corner of the modal dialog.

There are no errors produced in the console of any browser. It doesn’t even seem to have any event listener bound to it.

Pressing the Esc key or clicking outside of the modal dialog will dismiss the dialog, but the × button is currently useless.

An obvious possible would be to unify all Imgur upload dialogs to the way they appear on questions and answers, as an inline-dialog. But for the profile picture uploader, this dialog doesn’t have an obvious alternative, so in this instance, it’s necessary to redesign the close button so that it acts as a normal button (interactive element, tabbable) and closes the modal popup.



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