I recently joined a new site, and had a look at the review page. I currently don't have enough reputation to be able to do any reviews, which is clearly indicated on the review page.

enter image description here

If I then visit the stats tab ( [site].stackexchange.com/review/suggested-edits/stats ) I see the following:

enter image description here

When I click that button it leads to disappointment [site].stackexchange.com/review/suggested-edits which shows me a banner similar to the first screenshot.

Can we either remove or grey this button out for those that don't meet the criteria to do the reviews?

If we choose to do the latter, can we just put in a tooltip on hover with the same text that is in the banner, to make clear why the button is not working.


This is taken care of. If you are on the review stats page for a queue where you cant review, you will not be shown the link to review.

check out those cool stats!
link to review no longer taunts
for low rep user

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