When I check the number of my tags, can see

Bug count not correct

I'm particularly interested in the bug count. It has 0 bug x5.

When I check all my posts related with the tag bug,

Bug count

There's 6 results with a total of more than 20 upvotes. I know that tags counts are

denormalized, and updated periodically

but one of the posts with upvotes is from 2019.

Can see that a similar problem is happening in other tags, like "review", and I've read about tag calculation.

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The score shown in the tags tab in your profile is only the score obtained from the non-CW answers. (And you have no answers in this tag.) The score in the tag is calculated in the same way for the purposes of the tag badges and in the list of top answerers.

See also here: Explain tag numbers in profile?

Actually, if you hover over the number next to the tag, you are shown a more detailed information.


It might also be worth mentioning that the scores in the profile aren't updated immediately. (See: Tag numbers in profile delayed?)

  • Oh right. Get the feeling this is not the first time I go through such mental process. There's no hover in mobile web though. Sep 2, 2020 at 19:47

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