In a question on Security.SE, I've found a possible bug.

The left side of the screenshot is how it looks on front-end of site, and the right-side shows how it looks when editing.

Screenshots of the post when rendered and the post when editing

You might say that there is a space between braces, but it doesn't matter I think. My point is that there is a difference between the edit preview and the published version.

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    looks like the real issue is the preview converts any url into a link but this conversion doesn't happen for published posts. You can see this yourself if you change the [4] into a [8], the link is still clickable even though 8 is not a valid reference. Not sure if this is a real critical bug.Your [4] isn't doing anything to the link before it since there is a space between them as you know. – Kodos Johnson Sep 2 at 20:07

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