Difference between URI and URL has been merged, but also shows "Possible Duplicate" within the question text.

I went to edit out the in-question duplicate. But pressing the edit button shows the error:

Suggested edit queue is full

Suggested edit queue is full

The post is locked, as well as merged. When I attempt to edit a non-merged locked question, the much better error text is given:

Post is locked.

I have edit privileges on SO, so I don't believe the Suggested Edit Queue should be involved in this process at all. So I'm assuming it's a bad error message, not the fact that the queue is actually full or that my edit would be queued.

  • Well... the message now says Post is locked. So either someone fixed this really quickly, or it is actually somewhat (incorrectly?) tied to the Suggested Edit Queue. – pkamb Sep 3 '20 at 18:03

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