I've answered this question a few minutes ago, unfortunately I've left a stupid typo, therefore I wish to edit my answer, however this doesn't seem possible?

I've received a review suspension;

You’ve been suspended from reviewing. You will be able to review again on Nov 7 at 1:11.

However, this does not restrict me from editing my own answers, as I can proof by trying to edit an old answer.

The answer in question has an edit that still needs approval.

enter image description here

Pressing the 'edit' button, shows a popup without any real actions (Due to the suspension)

Why can't I edit my own question? Should I wait until someone else accepts/rejects the suggested edit?

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    Do you agree with the edit? I can put one approve on it if you like. – PeterJ Sep 4 at 13:02
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    The suggested edit is by the OP, removing the typo, so yea, please approve it ;) However, still quite curious about why I can't edit my own answer! – 0stone0 Sep 4 at 13:04
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    Since I'm new to meta, could the silent down-voter please clarify how I should improve my question? – 0stone0 Sep 4 at 15:14

As a workaround, you can manually open the edit page by navigating to

https://stackoverflow.com/posts/[POST ID]/edit

(so in your case, https://stackoverflow.com/posts/63740971/edit) and edit the post yourself from the current revision. This will have the side effect of rejecting the suggested edit.

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    Great workaround! However, the only edit I wish to make, is the suggested edit. Using your link-workaround, and saving the edit shows: Your changes are identical to a pending edit, please review it. which leads to the same edit screen. – 0stone0 Sep 4 at 13:50

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