I recently joined a few Stack Exchange sites on which I don't have the reduce ads privilege yet.

The issue I experienced happens with the two "leaderboard" style ads that are displayed to new users and visitors, like the following one (from a question on SuperĀ User):

Enter image description here

The ad is loaded (probably using Ajax) shortly after the page itself is loaded (a few seconds). When it is loaded, it makes the content shift, which often will get users into accidentally clicking the ad instead of a link or voting.

A possible fix to this would be an immediate (no Ajax) server-side discrimination between privileged users and visitors, so that the server sends a fixed-height container for the ad to be loaded into.

That would prevent lots of inconvenience!

  • @rene I don't think it's a glitch or a bug. It's due to the very nature in which the ad is loaded, as the OP said. That's the intended behavior. Users with fast connection won't ever notice, but those with slow connection might indeed suffer. – Shadow Wizard Wearing Mask Sep 13 at 18:11
  • I posted about this before, let me find that – Luuklag Sep 13 at 18:29
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  • 8
    Hmmm... I would think the lazy loading ads should still reserve the space for the ad and leave it blank until the ad is served... – Catija Sep 13 at 18:54
  • 1
    @Catija, I also noticed, when I posted the answer linked above, that in some cases the adds are loaded, or at least its frame. Then it appeared there was no suitable add to display, which made the frame disappear again, causing two consecutive shifts. – Luuklag Sep 14 at 6:24

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