Admittedly, the other site I mod is 11, and I embarrassingly missed the anniversary in the midst of a bunch of things. I had a mod go "My community is coming up on its 10 year anniversary, and I think SE should recognise that" in a private conversation. He kind of has a point, since these communities are those that form the foundation of the network. By a quick count 4 communities are over 11 - SO did have their 11th remembered, and MO's a bit of an unusual case but that leaves 2 of the original trilogy in 4 parts, Superuser and Server Fault. Nearly 30 sites are between 10-11 with another 17 6 months from 10 years old.

These sites and their communities are the backbone of our network, and they're mature sites that helped build up the network.

Are there any plans to help these sites celebrate their decade anniversary?

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