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Show How Much Statistics Left Until Badge Can Be Earned

I'd like a new tab in my profile with different statistics, for example, what is my question/answer vote ratio, how many consecutive days have I come to the site, etc.

The intent is to have more visibility as to how far am I from the badges related to those numbers.

Accepted rate could also be listed here.
What else would you like to see? Do you think it's a good idea?


It is odd... there statistics aren't huge motivating factors for me, but these (and many like it) are raised frequently on meta.

Personally I'm happy with it just as it is - but I guess Jeff and the team have some "fun" calls to make, balancing what frequent users want, vs what is needed to provide a good tech site, get questions / new users / etc. I wonder if scrutinising lots of stats like this isn't the wrong way to go (or DIY from the data dump), and a slippery slope to lots of "just one more" numbers that don't in any way improve the questions or answers on the site.

(to balance that though, I suspect I've voted for more questions than answers lately, ahem)


I'd love the idea of more detailed usage statistics. I can't help it. Some people play flash games for days to earn a gazillion worthless points and advance hundreds of XP levels; collect amulets, rings, crystals, potions to gain extra skill multipliers and what not.

Guess there's something in the human nature to like statistics. Good statistics are a proof of a person's awesomeness, right? ;)

I don't waste much time playing games, but when I do waste time on SO (which I sometimes really do), then I'd like to see that I am awesome. Rep points are fine. Badges are nice. Wouldn't mind having a personal stats page available to bask in my SO "accomplishments".

(to make matters clear, I certainly do see Marc Gravell's point "[...] that don't in any way improve the questions or answers on the site". I can only agree with that. But, hey, still...)

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