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contains these comments:

@sanjay I see your [sic] new to stack exchange. If your [sic] happy with the answer then please 'accept' the answer my selecting the tick by it. This helps show other users if a question has been answered or not. – StartPlayer Apr 25 at 10:52

Done. Thank you. – Sanjay Apr 25 at 10:53

But the answer never was actually accepted.

The answer is good, the questioner clearly thought he had accepted it, so the intent is obvious. But the questioner is unlikely to reappear (no visits since then).

Can/should a moderator accept the answer on his behalf?


These are similar, but more general, questions:

I'm not asking for moderators to vote to accept, or for automated acceptance, but about the specific case where the intent to accept is totally obvious.

It's analogous to someone correcting a typo (with more restrictions on who can do it).

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    No, just flag the comments as no longer needed. Accepting an answer is not mandatory. – rene Sep 22 at 12:15
  • @rene, that's just sweeping the problem under the carpet, not solving it. – Ray Butterworth Sep 22 at 12:33
  • What else do you expect to happen? – rene Sep 22 at 12:37
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    What if they did accept the answer but after a week realized it didn't work out for them and then unaccepted the answer. – rene Sep 22 at 12:38
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    After a while you realise unaccepted posts are not really a problem. A good answer that solves a common and difficult question will attract upvotes over time. A visitor that sees an answer with 10 or 50 upvotes is going to consider it more highly than an accepted answer but with one or no upvotes. – Mari-Lou A Sep 22 at 12:39

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