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Can I use Markdown formatting in the bounty remarks? Can I edit the remark?

Bounty notices support the Markdown mini format used for comments, with the addition of double line (paragraph) breaks.

The following markup syntax features are allowed:

_italic_ and **bold** text,
inline `code in backticks`,
and [basic links](http://example.com).

You cannot edit the remark, so validate carefully before saving

The answer to What markdown formatting features are available for Bounty remarks? includes:

Bounty notices will support our Markdown mini format, using the same format as we allow for comments. The following will be allowed... (emphasis added)

So if I had done my homework I would have come away remembering only "using the same format as we allow for comments" and assumed that a bare URL would also work as a link, the same way it does in comments. I wouldn't have seen that bare URLs work differently than they do in comments.

Question: At some point in time, either as part of an implementation of the anti-Doh feature or totally separately, might it be a good idea if the treatment of bare links were changed so that they work the same way that they do in comments and/or posts?

I'm thinking that from a non-programmer user's point of view, it's easier if bounty messages work either just like comments or just like posts as much as is possible, instead of having a third set of rules. But that's just me.

On Have any Apollo (or earlier) astronauts reported seeing Earth's aurora or related luminescent atmospheric effects?

Example of a bounty message with a bare URL that doesn't show up

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