Recently on one of my SE sites, a user who was a highly active voter (over 1000 votes on each of main and meta) deleted their account. As expected, there was no accompanying loss of rep for other users, since votes are preserved and attributed to Community when a high-voting account is deleted. But today I noticed that many posts on the per-site meta have scores 1 point below where they were before. This user actually had more votes on meta than anyone else, and it's a rather quiet meta site so losing all those votes, even from a single user, actually feels significant.

I don't know the threshold above which a user is considered "too highly voting" to have their votes removed together with their account, so let me first ask:

Is there a threshold for not removing votes of a deleted active account on meta sites? Or are votes on meta always removed when an account is deleted?

I'll save any possible feature-request for a follow-up post :-)

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    I could imagine this is not the case, as the main driver io moving votes to the community user was to avoid a loss of rep, and the privileges linked to that, as it would upset people to see their privileges be revoked due to a user quitting. – Luuklag Sep 29 at 9:53
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    @Luuklag Losing votes on deserving posts is also an undesirable outcome (in the big picture, post score is more important than user rep!), but I can see this would only be a noticeable issue on smaller sites where a single user's votes can be significant. – Rand al'Thor Sep 29 at 9:56
  • I can totally see how meta votes are not considered at all. – rene Sep 30 at 15:38

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