I am trying to figure out where is the best place to post a question regarding email campaigns and configuration with Google.

I just started working for a yoga studio and noticed that all their Mail Chimp emails go straight to my "Promotions" folder on gmail. There are 1,500 people on the mailing list and I am trying to see if there is a way to avoid being sent to the Promotions folder (presumably the junk/spam folder on other platforms).

I was thinking Super User but am unsure.


Pro Webmasters Stack Exchange is likely your best option. They have a mailchimp tag that would be relevant, and there are a decent number of posts related to delivering mail to Gmail as well.

Their on-topic page also lists "Internet marketing" as one of the primary categories of questions accepted there.

I believe this would be off-topic on WebApps.SE, because while questions about SaaS email fulfillment providers are on-topic there, they must be about using the application, which this is not. It is similarly not about using Gmail: it's about delivering mail to Gmail.

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    As a personal side note, if this is a promotion/marketing campaign, then Gmail is doing what it's supposed to :-) – Ryan M Oct 1 at 5:05

You might be better off with Web Applications. Their on-topic guidance covers...

Using Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Google, or any other website which behaves like an application

Which sounds about right for your question. Additionally, they have an active gmail tag, and there are already a few questions regarding Gmail folders, like this one I found with a simple search.

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    This question doesn't really seem to be "about the Gmail service as accessed by a desktop or mobile browser," as described in that tag guidance, but rather delivering mail to Gmail users as part of a campaign. – Ryan M Oct 1 at 5:04
  • So it seems. Pro Webmasters appears to be a better choice. Nice answer @RyanM :) – Spevacus Oct 1 at 12:04

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