The general rule is no crossposting, but what other Stack Exchange sites like Math and Math Overflow approve this after seven days? Can we list them here?

I can't remember where, but I remember some other Meta post on some science Stack Exchange site discussing crossposting, and some users there approve.


This appears to have arisen in the context of this question being shopped around various Stack Exchange sites, including Mathematics and Philosophy.

Instead of trying to find a list of venues it might be possible to post a particular question to and stay technically within their rules, I think it'd be better to carefully look at what's on-topic, both in letter and spirit, on a particular site you are considering posting to. And not to keep trying to find new angles on a question that has basically been answered.

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Theoretical Computer Science Stack Exchange has a similar policy (cross-posts are allowed after 7 days); see this answer to their FAQ. Since it mentions 'other Stack Exchange sites', it doesn't seem to be a mutual agreement.

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