Once a user reaches 10K reputation they gain access to the moderation tools, or is it moderator tools?

enter image description here

Can we pick one and use consistent wording?

  • As far as I have seen, it seems to be called "moderator tools" everywhere except in the text of that link you show. The privilege page also calls it moderator tools. So I guess that is the intended name... – wimi Oct 6 at 9:40
  • 4
    Probably an awkward grammatical tie-in to the first words encountered at the link: "Moderation privilege awarded at 10,000 reputation (newline) What is moderation?". --- IE: What you are using the moderator tools for is moderation; but you are not a(n elected) moderator. --- The awkwardness of the free model, like when you work at XYZ Company and they call you an "Associate"; but your not part owner, you simply donate over 50% of your wages to work there. – Rob Oct 6 at 10:03
  • Why is it called tools... if it contains no tools? – user400654 Oct 9 at 21:16

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