I was chatting in a chat room and I went offline after some time. When I came back online, I checked my inbox and there was a chat reply in the chat room.

The URL of the transcript (which I opened from inbox) had two slashes after "chat.meta.stackexchange.com". Like this:


Screenshot of notification of chat reply in inbox and the hyperlink

Even if I remove one of the slashes, it's still the same website.

So what's the need of two slashes when we can use one? Is this a bug?


It's not a bug, no. The double forward slashes are an error in the programmer's/developer's code, like broken HTML. A double forward slash in the URL is valid and will respond in the browser, but:

If search engine crawlers find themselves crawling pages with double slashes, this could cause duplicate content issues and wasted crawl budget.

(That was quoted from here).

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