It is well known that Data Explorer can extract data from all Stack Exchange sites, even including meta sites and Primary Meta Stack Exchange (metaSE).

I request for the functionality to switch sites to metaSE easily as well, apart from the existing 150+ sites. A simple implementation requirement is, if a query is made for Mathematics SE, it can be ported to Stack Overflow, but it cannot be ported for metaSE if one does not know that Data SE only responds to meta s*. For a quick test, visit.

As a sidenote, pre-existing queries meant for metaSE (example) do give results as expected, but once ported to X.stackexchange.com the query cannot be ported back to MetaSE with the current methods.

Feature request: Add metaSE on the drop-down while searching with keywords "meta" or "stackexchange". Currently it only works for meta s*.

Enter image description here


but it cannot be ported for metaSE

Yes, it's possible. Just typing 'meta' in the site switcher isn't enough, since there are so many sites with 'meta' in their name. But 'meta sta' suffices:

enter image description here

Even if that didn't work, there's another trick: the site the query runs on is included in the URL. So if you have


and replace math with meta:


you'll be switched as well.

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