When a new question is tagged I'd like it to trigger a moderator notification.

I ask because the new mod agreement requires:

I will abide by all other officially announced moderator and user policies made available to me.

When new policy is announced I'd like to be notified, without having to search MSE for it. I ask after this question, as that policy adds a new requirement; but I would not know this if I didn't frequently visit MSE.

For folks without a diamond: here is a redacted screen of the last notification I had for a policy change.

Image of moderator notification for the updated mod agreement policy

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    ugly way to do it till then would be to use an RSS feed for the tag... – Journeyman Geek Oct 16 at 13:27
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    Or they could just manually trigger one each time. Hopefully there won't be all that many of these – Mad Scientist Oct 16 at 13:32

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