When viewing the revision history of very long posts, only the changed parts of the posts are shown, while the rest is hidden. For example, in the revision history of this answer, we see the following:

"link" and "full" buttons are too close together

Inside the red freehand "circle", we see two links: one link with text "link" that generates a link to this revision, and one link with text "full" that shows the full diff, and not only the changed parts. However, these links are so close together that they seem to be a single link with text "link full", which would seem to mean "get a link to the full version of this revision" or something like that.

This seems to happen only for very long posts, and seems to be network-wide (see an example on Spanish Language Meta here).

Can this be fixed?


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Here is a screenshot of the wrong layout:

enter image description here

Which I easily fixed by duplicating the empty text node into these places:

enter image description here

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