The question What supplement is most chemically similar to chamomile? was posed in MedicalSciences.SE and was subsequently closed for personal medical advice.

2 days later, Active ingredient of Chamomile was posted by the same person.

Both questions ask about the same thing and so I commented on this in the second question linking to the first so both were linked together in MedicalSciences.SE.

In response I was told that:

I think this is a (rare) example of a closed question resubmitted in acceptable form (after the edits). I don't think it can be answered, but I don't think it's off topic either.

This got me thinking what might be the best approach. I could have asked this in MedicalSciences.SE Meta, but this is a question which affects all StackExchange sites.

  • Is it best to leave the original question as-is with the closure and reason (to highlight more to others that these questions will be closed) then submit an on-topic version?

    One problem with this as I have seen on some stacks is that the closed question can lead to massive numbers of downvotes detrimental to the OP's reputation score.


  • Is it best to edit the closed question and ask for reopening (to reduce number of closed questions and help with a tidy stack of questions and answers)?
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    I think it's best to ask this on Medical Science's own meta. – Robert Longson Oct 19 at 9:52
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    Usually it is best to close a new version of an older question as duplicate. They should generally edit the older question. – Luuklag Oct 19 at 9:56
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    Here's what to do when a question is closed and you want it reopened, which is the same across sites: meta.stackexchange.com/help/reopen-questions. Note that it doesn't say anything at all about just posting a new question. But the close notices do say to post a new one, it has led to friction in the past: meta.stackexchange.com/q/349951/369802. I think this user saw something similar and as such may have reposted instead of edited. – Tinkeringbell Oct 19 at 10:00

If you are thinking about asking the same question as an existing one then I think you should always resist that temptation.

Instead, if the original question is closed, then edit to improve it and vote or flag to have it reviewed for re-opening, if that does not appear to be triggered by the edit.

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    The edit itself should nominate it for re-opening. It will get inserted into the reopen queue. So make sure that your first edit counts in that respect, as you only get added to the queue once. – Luuklag Oct 19 at 11:01

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