When you browse through the result pages on a Search in Stack Overflow en español results show a "P" next to the title (from "Pregunta", Spanish for Question):

Questions prefixed with P:

However, a "Q" shows for questions that are duplicate as shown when searching for duplicate:yes:

Questions prefixed with Q:

  • closed:yes does work well and shows a "P".
  • Stack Overflow на русском does show this well (see).
  • Stack Overflow em Português does have the same bug duplicate:yes and also for closed:yes (it shows "Q" in both cases, while it should be "P")

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Oh, it was a Transifex issue. I entered es.traducir.win and searched for ^Q: to find several strings, two of them without a translation right now:

enter image description here

I just suggested the changes to have P: in the translation. Once they are approved by some of the reviewers and then pulled by an employee, this should be fixed.

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