I am facing a problem in my code. But I am completely unaware of what part of the code is causing the problem. I can explain in details about what problems I am facing, but not what might be causing it.

In that case, linking the GitHub repository with source code in question is a good practice or can it be seen as a negative point for being less specific and clear. The source code is relatively small and easy to understand.


I'm afraid you'll need to spend some more time debugging your application to figure out where the problem is. Questions asking us to find a needle in a haystack generally don't fare well. They get downvoted and are often closed.

Some sites (or more specifically tags within those sites) duplicate such questions to general "how do I debug my application" questions and answers. You could look for those questions and answers yourself if you're not sure how to use a debugger.

If we need to access external resources in order to answer your question that's yet another reason it's likely to be closed as questions need to be self-contained. Links should always be optional.

  • In that case, will it be better to ask "How can i find the cause of this problem" type of question rather than "where is the problem and how to solve it" – user777415 Oct 21 '20 at 14:05