This behaviour was seen in Android 10 using both Firefox version 81.1.5 and Google Chrome version 86.0.4240.99 and in multiple communities.

In one's profile, in the Activity tab, there are at least two main sections with similar functionalities that enable tracking badges:

  1. Activity>Badges

  2. Activity>Reputation

In Activity>Reputation, if we change the tab to Gold/Silver,

enter image description here

As you can see there's some informative text. This informative text will only appear in certain communities depending on whether or not one has Q&As in more than 100 tags (or it looks to be intended that way). This particular behaviour was previously reported:

For me (considering I don't yet have a bronze tag badge) it doesn't make sense to show up in Gold/Silver tabs as it is not displaying any badge (this wasn't yet reported in the linked questions); also in the Bronze tab the text also appears in the bottom making it harder to see than if it was in the beginning with a nicer style (see the next image).

enter image description here

It would be helpful to have either some valid text (as it is empty, unnecessary or in a hard to spot location) or the future badges, in the sections Gold and Silver when choosing which badge to track (for instance, being able to select gold Python tag even though one hasn't yet earned the bronze or the silver). Both are helpful. I see the future badges more helpful for long term thinking, as it happens in the section Activity>Badges>Choose which badge to track. Mortarboard (Bronze) is related with Epic (Silver) and then Legendary (Gold) which varies only in the amount of times one needs to earn a specific amount of reputation.



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