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Screenshot of this answer.

It says "Jan 11".

Is that Jan 11th of this year? Or January of 2011? I have been on Stack Overflow since 2008 and I have no idea when Seasoned Advice started, so it's not far-fetched that I asked a question in 2011.

It's too ambiguous. Add an ordinal suffix to make Jan 11 into Jan 11th. Or add the year: Jan 11 2020. Or use European style: 11 Jan 2020.

Or just use the same style for every date: "answered Oct 15 '18" like this answer in the same thread. I would only know that Jan 11 means "this year" by looking at other answers from different years (if there are any).


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If you don't see something like this:

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It's the current year. Also, the code to show the year doesn't activate until more than 360 days after the post was posted, so to see the exact date before those 360 days, hover over the "asked X time ago".

As for why, the dates are thought to be recent enough so that you don't need to be reminded, until >=360 days.

  • Is the 360 day thing new? I remember that in the past, everything from previous calendar years would show the abbreviated year, so when a new year came everything would show with an abbreviated year except for posts just made that year. Nov 7, 2020 at 1:31
  • 2
    @SonictheK-DayHedgehog Nope, t'isn't. Or doesn't seem like it.
    – Ollie
    Nov 7, 2020 at 1:49
  • Things may have changed since 2009, though. Half the time, posts from then are inaccurate due to changes that took place in the early 2010s. Nov 7, 2020 at 2:44
  • If an answer or question has been posted between January and June, is it still recent enough? On the Internet? Nov 7, 2020 at 15:39
  • I explained in my initial post why this wasn't clear from the UI. You have to look at other answers to figure it out. It's an unclear UX and that's why I think it should be changed.
    – jcollum
    Nov 12, 2020 at 21:29
  • @jcollum Not for me. I kinda figured it out by instinct.
    – 10 Rep
    Nov 14, 2020 at 2:20
  • Figuring it out by instinct only works for the people who actually manage that. You shouldn't assume other people will do that so making it less ambiguous is preferable.
    – jcollum
    Nov 16, 2020 at 22:19
  • @jcollum but it seems most people are fine with it. features requests should only be implemented when a lot of people have the same problem.
    – 10 Rep
    Nov 21, 2020 at 2:38
  • looks to me like they actually implemented this
    – jcollum
    Jan 17 at 23:20

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