I'm a moderator on Arts & Crafts.

Since the site has relatively little activity, most of the messages I get are 'announcements': apparent invitations to participate or (re)view new or updated policies or features.

Whenever I click on one of those titles, I'm shown a page with these messages:

Stack Moderators is invite only. Contact the Team owner to gain access.
Welcome! Stack Overflow for Teams makes it easy to search and find answers in a private and secure environment. Stack Moderators is a private knowledge base powered by Stack Overflow for Teams. Have a question? Contact your admin.
(Screenshot taken with Dark Reader plugin)

My questions:

  • If at all, how can I get access to these messages?
  • If I can't access those unless I have a certain elevated status, how can I turn these notifications off?
  • Who is the "Team owner", and who is 'my admin'?

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Moderators have their own Team on Stack Overflow for private questions and answers, or, as you discovered, for the company to let them preview new or updated features and policies, like this one: New Review Suspensions Mod UX.

To get access, just ping one of the Community Managers in the Teachers' Lounge, the chatroom for moderators. They are the Team owners that page is talking about. All this should be somewhere in the on-boarding procedure.

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    All this should be somewhere in the on-boarding procedure. ... In a Q/A on the private Team ...
    – rene
    Mar 11, 2021 at 8:03

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