There is an existing feature-request, Allow another close vote after retraction, that is marked as completed. Per that request, it is now possible to vote to close a question again after retracting a previous close vote.

However, when I retracted close vote, I still get a warning that voting to close again will not be allowed.

If removing retract restriction was indeed completed, the warning should be removed from retract close message (if message is needed at all?).
Update from the answers: the retract restriction has not been removed, but was limited for 14 days due to some other site changes. The message is not precisely correct. It should state that voting again will be allowed after 14 days.

If As the allow-another-close-vote-after-retraction has not been completed, the feature request Allow another close vote after retraction should be updated and considered for implementation.

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    I just tried and after retracting a close vote, I'm not allowed to vote again. So, the warning is correct, the status-completed is not. – VLAZ yesterday

As can been seen in the linked question revisions, the "status-completed" tag was added by animuson in Revision #7 on Oct. 8, 2015 at 20:58. Within that same minute time period, Animuson also posted a comment stating

This is now possible as part of the close vote aging system, though you have to wait at least 14 days after you retract your vote to cast a new one.

I consider the current close vote message, i.e.,

Warning message when you try to retract the close vote that you cannot vote again

to be misleading. I suggest it should also state you can vote again after 14 days.

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    I agree, that the message should be changed to reflect the current functionality. However I disagree that close votes expire after 14 days can be considered as completion of that request. – Michael Freidgeim yesterday
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    @MichaelFreidgeim If you disagree with that, file a new feature request asking that it be changed. – Sonic the K-Day Hedgehog 15 hours ago

I believe the feature was marked as completed because close votes expire after 14 days, allowing the caster to re-cast.

We can't recast a retracted close vote right away, but I'm pretty sure that the retracted close vote ages away and expires like actual close vote, after 14 days, allowing us to re-cast it. (Assuming the question wasn't closed in the meantime, then even if it's reopened, we can't re-cast to prevent close wars.)

So both the message and the completion of the feature request are correct, maybe the message can be improved to indicate you won't be able to re-cast for 14 days, and answer can be added to the completed request, explaining what exactly was done.

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  • The completion of the feature request is NOT correct, close votes expire after 14 days is not what the request is about – Michael Freidgeim yesterday
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    @MichaelFreidgeim it's on the gray zone. It is possible to re-cast, just not right away. It's like asking for a blue car, and you get a yellow car and a promise "It will become blue in two weeks". – Shadow 10 Years Wizard yesterday

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