Is there a way to check a specific user has answered a question of mine or not?

If the user did answer some of my questions, how can I get the list of those questions with the answers' links?

Currently, there is no such option available in the current Search functionality. Is that achievable via Stack Exchange Data Explorer?

For example: Recently, VonC reached a million reputation on Stack Overflow and I just want to check whether he answered any of my questions, but I didn't find any option to get the result.


The request can be done via Stack Exchange Data Explorer.
Below is the query to fetch the expected result:

SELECT Q.Id AS [Post Link], CONCAT('site://a/', A.Id, '|', A.Id) AS [Answer Link]
FROM Posts Q
JOIN Posts A ON A.ParentId = Q.Id AND A.PostTypeId = 2 AND A.OwnerUserId = @AnswererId
WHERE Q.PostTypeId = 1 AND Q.OwnerUserId = @OpId;

Query in SEDE with actual execution: How to check if a specific user answered my question?

Passing the original post and answerer's user id as the parameter will return the Post and answer link.

Screenshot for reference:


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