Sometimes I share links on Reddit to questions and answers on Chinese.SE. When sharing URLs via the "share" button, we get a link like https://chinese.stackexchange.com/q/42218/8099 wherein 8099 is my user ID. Then we get badges when enough people click on the link.

However, sometimes I need to share a link to the whole site (e.g. here), and not a particular question nor answer. Sure, I can copy/paste the URL https://chinese.stackexchange.com/, but I don't think I can add my user ID 8099 to this like with questions and answers.

Question: Is there a way to "share" a link to an entire site (like we can with questions and answers)?

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No, the only three badges that are related to link sharing are Announcer, Booster, and Publicist as shown in this screenshot:

Badges related to sharing links

And the description of all three of them is the following:

Share a link to a post later visited by ### unique IP addresses

(emphasis mine)

If you want to have user IDs added to site links so that they count towards existing (or new) badges, you should probably post this as a .

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